Swiss Flight
Swiss Flight - Appointments


Below you will find some appointments I have already made arrangements for. The planes are also reserved for these times. The given destination (if any) is for the outward flight; the return flight will always end at the departure airport.

If you want to join a flight just use the link to send me more information about you and how I can contact you to organize the details. Even if there are currently no free places, still submit your data - it is always possible that someone backs out at the last moment.

If you want to arrange another flight with me, use the contact form and include the desired departure airport, destination, airplane, date and time. I will then check if such a flight is possible and contact you with more information. Note that the flights should be planned well in advance, so that the plane can be reserved.

Flights outside of Switzerland are also possible. Contact me with details where you want to fly to and I will give you more information about the flight and the destination.

If you are a bigger group of people and want to make a flight together, I can arrange a second pilot and a second plane from St.Gallen-Altenrhein.

Flight Feasibility Assessment

Safe flying stands before everything. To ensure the safety I will check the plane condition, the route and the weather before each flight and I will cancel the flight if I find any problem. As I am flying on visual flight rules, it is a prerequisite that the weather is good. Of course you will not pay anything in the case of a cancelled flight.


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Flight Time Price*


* The estimated price is for the whole flight and includes the landing taxes. This price will be split between all people on board (passengers and pilot).