Swiss Flight
Swiss Flight - The Course of a Flight

Sign Up or Request a Flight

If you want to fly with me, sign up for a flight I have already organized or request another flight by contacting me.

It will be my task to reserve the plane (if not already reserved) for the time we need for the flight.

Flight Preparation

For a flight to be safe, it has to be planned carefully. That's why I will plan the flight in advance, including our route, speed, altitude, weight and fuel needed.

A day before the flight I will check the weather forecast (weather is a very important factor in visual flying) and inform you if the flight is feasible. If the weather is not good, I will cancel the flight (you won't need to pay anything and it is always better to fly on another day than get into a difficult weather situation).

Checks and Refueling

Checks are used to ensure the safety of the flight. Before the flight I will check the weather situation, any military firings on our route and the aircraft itself.

After the initial checks are completed the plane is refueled.

Those checks and refueling can take up to an hour and will be conducted before or after we meet at the airport.

Meeting the Passengers

I will meet you at the arranged time on the airport and show you to the aircraft. I will tell you something more about the plane and answer you any questions you have. I will also explain you what is normal during the flight and what you should do in the unlikely event of emergency. This is the so called passengers briefing.

Prepare for Flight

Once ready we will taxi to a position where we will make our last pre-flight checks. Those will check that the engine is sound and that everything is ready for the flight. We will also complete the so called departure briefing, going mentally over the first stages of the flight.

The checks and the preparation before departure last about 15 minutes. This time is not calculated as flight time.


OK, so we prepared and checked everything, so now we can go. We will request a clearance from the air traffic controllers, will line up with the runway and take off. Go to the photos and videos page to see some exciting take off pictures and movies.

We will follow the route we planned and enjoy the flight and the beauty of nature. You can see a lot of pictures and movies from other flights I made on the photos and videos page.

Descent and Landing

Once we approach our destination, we will make descent checks and prepare the aircraft for landing. We will check all systems and request an approach and landing clearance from the air traffic controllers.

Landing is the usually most difficult part of a flight but it is amazing as well. You can see the landscape around and the airport you are approaching. Find astonishing pictures and movies from this stage of the flight on the photos and videos page.

Formalities and Securing the Plane

Pilots have to do a lot of paperwork during and after a flight. The official flight records are filled in after the landing.

If we have returned back to the home airport after finishing the formalities we will bring the plane back to the hangar, secure it and clean it so that the next pilot can enjoy his or her flight. Of course you can take some pictures with the plane to remember this astonishing experience.