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Swiss Flight - What Do People Who Flew with Me Say

The Impression of People Who Flew with Me

On this page you will find the impression of other people who already flew with me. If you are one of these people as well feel free to leave your feedback here.

"Before take off Vlado showed me the plane and as I'm new to flying he explained some basics. I really enjoyed seeing Switzerland from an other perspective. For me it was a great experience and I'll definitely go for other flights!"


St. Gallen - Birrfeld with HB-KFU

"I enjoyed the flight very much. It was a breathtaking experience to observe the world from a small plane and from a bird perspective. As you answered all my questions and gave me exact instructions, I felt very safe and in good hands. I clearly felt how emotional flying is for you and what it means for you. It was an experience which I can only recommend."


Sightseeing flight St. Gallen with HB-KFU

"This was the highlight of my first few weeks in Zurich. Viewing the diverse landscape from above was absolutely amazing. It was a wonderful experience and I would recommend this to tourists and nature enthusiasts alike. The pilot is very talented and has a command of the plane from takeoff to landing. I felt safe the entire trip."


St. Gallen - Locarno (interrupted at Trun because of weather conditions) with HB-KON

"Flying is amoung my favourite hobbies. The possibility to be next to Vlado during a flight and follow every detail together with him creates a lot of positive emotions. His passion for flying is contagious and the thorough preparation of every flight creates a feeling for comfort and safety. Every trip is full of unforgettable views and thrills worth experiencing."


Multiple flights with HB-KFU, HB-KON, HB-PPM

"Most of the people who know me would never imagine that I've done this. I have fear of planes, heights, in brief... the extreme sensations are not of my taste. However, contrary to what I've imagined, this one was not at all frightening. Actually, I felt reassured when I saw how the flight was prepared. The pilot was really nice and was answering all my questions all along the flight. And when you feel safe there comes the amazing experience of viewing Switzerland from above! In such a plane you have really the impression of flying with the birds. Viewing the Rhine Falls from the sky was breathtaking! Very romantic. I'll definitely go for another ride!"


St. Gallen - Grenchen with HB-KON

"I've always wanted to be able to fly, to be a bird that flies free in the skies. Thanks to Vlado and Mimi this child dream of mine came true! The flight with them is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, which can only be compared and connected only with the freedom and beauty. Hovering between the clouds and admiring the earth from above, these are magical moments, which are worth experiencing at least once in a lifetime. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! Yours Desi :)"


St. Gallen - Birrfeld - St. Gallen with HB-KFU

"Our flight was on 25 May 2008, and, despite the initially negative weather forecast, the flight took place in a pleasant weather. Although we planned to fly for an hour, we easily clocked around 100 minutes of flight time. As a guy without prior experience in low-altitude flights (as the one with HB-KON), I can only compare the flight with passenger jet aircrafts - and it is totally different. The much lower altitude (1000-2000 metres) gives you the opportunity to see a lot of the scenery around, as towns and villages are seen cleanly and you can spot local objects of interest (such as castles, mountain peaks, etc). You don't really need binoculars. Vlado is a very good pilot and usually does a few circles around points of interest, giving you a range of viewpoints, and, with my amateur photographic skills I was easily able to make a lot of near-pro quality photos. You can actually see my gallery here. All in all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for air addicts and I will definitely recommend it to anybody - it is totally worth it!"


Sightseeing flight from St. Gallen with HB-KON

"The sightseeing flight over Weinland, Schaffhausen, Wil and Winterthur was very nice. I felt very well during the flight and had full trust in the pilot Vladimir Petrov. Although it was very windy, the pilot navigated the airplane calmly and safely. Now I am considering to make the pilot license myself."


Sightseeing flight from Zurich with HB-PEX