Swiss Flight
Swiss Flight - An Attractive Opportunity

Private Pilot in Europe

In 2006 I started the private pilot (PPL) training according to the European civil aviation regulations (JAR). I got my license in May 2007 and since then I fly regularly, gathering more experience, including further training for different aircraft types and flying conditions.

I fly several different aircraft types. The aircraft are based in two locations: Zurich and St. Gallen. Flying with a single engine plane from Zurich, one of the busiest airports in Europe, is an amazing experience. The location of St. Gallen-Altenrhein airport gives the unique possibility to enjoy the Lake of Constance and see simultaneously up to six countries.

The Opportunity

Do you want to enjoy a sightseeing flight? Or you want to visit a specific area or town in Switzerland or abroad? And you want to do this at a reasonable price? Now you have this chance!

You can join me for a flight, arranged by me or at your desire and interest. The costs for the flight will be shared equally between all people on board, including me as the pilot in command. The flight costs depend on the aircraft and are based on the flying time and number of landings.

Note that this is not a commercial flight. The costs are only the direct costs for the aircraft. I will pay at least as much as every passenger on board and I will always cover the annual contribution for the aircraft rent. This ensures you one of the lowest possible prices for a flight in Switzerland!

Check the aircraft and airports page for more information on the types of airplanes and their prices.

Check the appointments page for more information on already organized flights and information how to contact me for them or for special appointments with you.